Friday, January 21, 2011

Busy As A Bee....

Hello Lovelies!

I hope you are all doing great. It's been a while since I have written and to be honest, I am pressed for time these days. January has been one of the busiest months ever, between my newly found part-time job, my online school courses, freelance projects and creating new items for the store, I am sleep deprived to say the least. Caffeine has become a new friend of mine, wearing it's shiny dark caramel color dress and sugary temperament, I am hooked.

As I write this, I feel the fairies of slumber casting their spell on me and I want a nap, but I must resist their charming temptations for I have to get ready to go to a hockey game tonight and have to be alert in case a puck comes flying towards me or for that matter a very handsome, single hockey player!!! A girl can dream :)

The most exciting news I have is that my artwork has been featured in a few treasuries during the last couple of weeks, which I will post shortly. I am so excited to have my work featured by fellow Etsyians and I am so psyched about treasuries, I would like to try produce one.

For now, I will leave you with a few images/quotes that have sparked my inspiration and imagination these last couple of days!

Wishing you a Brilliant weekend wherever you may be in this Big, Bright World!!