Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I Can See The Dust Settling......

I apologize for the lack of posts, my world has been filled with unpacking all my worldly possessions, which I might add is way too many things for one person to own!

Having to move back home was not in my agenda, but as life should have it, here I am under the parental roof once again. Thanks to the economy and having lost my job in December I now see myself in this predicament. I am grateful to be so lucky as to have both my parents who are healthy and vibrant to welcome me into their home with arms wide open.

During this transition period for me, I will be updating the store with new items but not at the prolific rate at which I was achieving creativity in the past. For I have some obstacles to overcome, such as having a dedicated space for crafting and a walk in closet with all of my materials at my fingertips. I must keep reminding myself that this is temporary.... this is temporary... this has become my daily mantra.

Better and Brighter days are ahead.. I must look toward the rainbow and bask in its colorful display, for everyday is a gift.

Wishing you a Bright and Happy Day wherever you may be!!