Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Today I'd Like To Be In The Cotswolds

I've had a love affair with England since I was 12 years old. I would cut out pictures of the Union Jack Flag and paste them in my scrapbook. My room was decorated with framed black and white photographs of the iconic Tower Bridge. I am an Anglo-phile to the highest degree, so when I decided to pursue my graduate education it was an easy decision: England.

My time in England allowed me to roam around the country side via train and soak up the jewel toned shades of green, yellow and brown that abound. Every parcel of land was painted with the most vivid and rich hues, it was breathtaking.

Although I never visited the Cotswolds, located in West-Central England also known as the "Heart of England", it is known for its rolling hills and amazing beauty. After reading an article in Travel + Leisure and observing the colorful pages that accompanied it, I feel in LOVE with the place. 

It reminds me of Romance, Jane Austen novels, handsome young men sitting underneath the shade of a tree reading Shakespeare.

It reminds me of every British period film I have seen where the proper ladies are sitting in the parlor taking their tea or the lavish table settings and gowns worn to the Royal Ball. I get lost in the intricate fabric of Edwardian, Georgian and Victorian times.

So with all of the unexpected changes that are going on in my life now, it is good to know that I have a visual "Secret Garden" to retreat to, a place where I can spend a couple of minutes to recharge, clear my thoughts and focus on the journey that lies ahead.

I hope you enjoy this brief journey into the "Heart of England"!!

Have a Happy and Bright Day!


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